What is PlayConquer

The most popular private server for Conquer Online with thousands of players online featuring all official events, quests, items, and classes. Enjoy a fair and fun MMORPG experience with our unique CP/EXP drop system and new events!

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Enjoy All classes, items, and spells are fully implemented, tested and work exactly the same as official Conquer.


Join hundreds of unique and daily quests which help you level up and improve your gears.


Take part in both solo and team events such as Guild War, Cross-Server Capture the Flag, PK Tournaments, Champions Arena, Quiz Show, etc.


The server is developed and maintained by a group of talented individuals with extensive experience in development, management and game play.

Some of our features

CP / EXP Ball Drops

Collect CPs and EXP Balls by hunting, and use them to build your gears, lotto, poker etc!

Newest Features

Up to date with the latest features available such as Tempest Wings, Dragon Warriors, Kingdom Wars, Epic Warrior Skills/Items!

    Epic Weapons & JiangHu

    Take your character to the next level with JiangHu and Epic Weapons for Trojans, Ninjas, Taoists. Monks, and Warriors!

    PvP Tournaments

    Compete in one of many PvP tournaments such as Elite PK, Team PK, Skill PK, etc.


      Travel between all the PlayConquer servers and chat with your friends, or participate in cross-server events such as CTF.

        Poker & Roulette

        Have some fun on the side with all of the built in mini games such as Poker, Roulette, Slot Machines, etc.

          Active Community

          Socialize and have fun with our one of the largest private server communities out there. Hundreds of active players in-game and on the forums.

            Low Ping & Lag Free

            Enjoy a lag free and low ping gameplay experience on our top of the line custom network, servers, and software.