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    VIP System
    We offer 3 options of becoming a VIP player.

    VIP4 - Monthly Subscription
    Price: $19,99
    VIP4 allows you to use the feature Auto-Hunt and Auto-Pick Up.
    This is a very profitable way of gaining CPs while you are away from your computer.
    Just leave your account(s) online and watch the magic happen!

    You can also receive bonus VIP if you make a purchase from our Store!
    Depending on the number of Store Items you purchase each month, you will receive a VIP for that month (ends last day of every month).

    Bonus VIP

    Amount Purchased - VIP
    $20 - VIP1
    $30 - VIP2
    $40 - VIP3
    $50 - VIP4
    $60 - VIP5
    $70+ - VIP6

    Please check out our Store (Click here!) for more information!

    Free VIP4!
    Often there are certain events where you can even win VIP4, for free!
    Check out the Events Section on our Forum for more information.

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