Maintenance 2017.01.15

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Maintenance 2017.01.15

It's time to celebrate the release of the WindWalker update on PlayConquer.
Since we have sent out discount codes for our Store before with celebrations, let us continue with giving you 25% discount on your next Store purchase(s)!

You can fill in the discount code WINDWALKER after adding an item to your Cart.
Note: The discount code will expire on January 22nd!

You can visit the PlayConquer Store here:


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  • New Class - Windwalker
  • Skill Upgrade
  • Weekly Quests
  • Event Great Joy Pack
  • Event WindWalker Welcome Gifts
  • Event Wind Walker Equipment Sales
  • Event Bound Item Carnival
  • Event Sale of the Wind
  • Event Windwalker Privilege Month
  • Item: Starter Pack

New Class - Windwalker
Windwalker holds mystical handfans as weapon and can switch the combat style between two branches, melee Stomper and ranged Chaser.
Windwalkers` XP skill allows full-screen attacks and enhances their active skills with half Stamina cost while all their attacks will not be reflected.
The Windwalker Lord is now in the Job Center for Windwalker combat-style switch, skill learning and promotion.
Windwalkers will be assigned a class quest at Level 15 which provides a pair of Level 40 Elite handfans (B) as reward.
Windwalker weapons, robes and hats are now available in the CP Mall.
More information:

Skill Upgrade
Assassin`s Dagger Storm skill is enhanced with more damage, wider casting and effect range, and less cooldown time.
Fire Taoist`s Flame Lotus skill is enhanced with faster burst, wider effect range, lower focus requirement and less cooldown time.

Weekly Quests Added
New weekly quests have been added to game.
Visit Cloud Saint (212,199) and Astral Master (Nature of Life) (186,205) on Market to learn more.

Starter Pack Added
All new characters (except WindWalkers) will now receive a starter pack which contains a set of level 70 Super +5 1 socket gears for your class as well as a level 70 boost!
More information:

Make sure to check out the Event Section for all current active events here:
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